A 26 years experience in projecting and realization of industrial automation and tools for sheet metal and cold mould preparation.

Since 1979 IMA has been working in mechanical tooling industry. It has evolved towards the specialization in the sheet dye sector, starting with cold drawing and restriking up to cutting.

Thanks to an experience consolidated over several years, our company can now be pride of offering all its expertise in the field of machinery and tooling.
Our products deal with the following sector activities:

automotive, railway motor vehicle industry, industrial automation, communication, household appliances, wine industry, tool rooms and research centres.

Thanks to a team of highly skilled personnel, able to carry out machining both 2D and 3D in CAD CAM format (Auton, Rhinoceros, Autocad), IMA can perform the whole machining processes, dealing not only with design and construction, but also with supplying turn-key dyes and equipment.

IMA can also carry out machining according to specific drawings, with great care and attention, appling different production technologies.

The highest reliability is guaranteed by using both traditional and high tech machinery, with a milling working range up to 6000 x 2300 x 2000 mm;
we can offer a steady quality control thanks to instruments at our disposal.

We obtain customer's satisfaction keeping up a solid and permanet relation with them, introducing suitable changes in the production process and carring out technological improvement to the existing toolings, adapting to customers special requirements.